Where to Eat and Drink in the Dogpatch

Once upon a time, the Dogpatch, a working class neighborhood on the eastside of the city, was home to canning factories, shipyards, warehouses, and lots of wild fennel fields. The latter is perhaps where its name comes from, as there were "patches" of dogfennel everywhere, though it may also be because of the wild dogs that used to roam there. Either way, because neighborhoods like Potrero Hill and the Mission started spilling over their boundaries, this one gritty area has transformed in recent years and is now an easily walkable — it's flat! — place full of artists, green spaces, local shops, and new construction, as well as some of the city's oldest houses that survived the 1906 earthquake and stunning water views.

But for our purposes, the neighborhood is also home to a ton of amazing bars, breweries, and restaurants, including some great pizza joints, a few of SF's best breakfast spots, and more than one place to kick back with a drink and enjoy gorgeous Bay views and good weather. Because while the Dogpatch has all of the stuff we just mentioned going for it, if there's one thing to love the most about this neighborhood, it's that it truly feels like the sun is always shining.