Aloha! 'āina is excited to share a special delivery-only popup called 'āina bento between June 18-June 29 - offered exclusively via Caviar during lunch hours (1030am-1pm) on weekdays Monday-Friday only, within San Francisco.

Pre-orders are highly encouraged. In order to maintain the highest standards of food quality, we currently accept a maximum number of orders per day before hitting capacity.

First time users of Caviar - use this code to set up your account and get $10 off each of your first two orders:

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'āina bento is inspired by the iconic Hawai’i plate lunch shops offering Hawaiian BBQ with Japanese sensibilities. 'āina bento is a reflection of the people and cultures of Hawai'i through food, which make Hawai’i such a fascinating melting pot. Our goal is to bring a little more Aloha to the Bay Area by sharing our food and love for all that is Hawai’i.  All our food is sourced responsibly with respect for the land that feeds us and all containers and utensils are 100% compostable. 

Our bento is inspired by the Japanese influence in Hawai’i along with the BBQ culture of Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Portuguese among many others. This has evolved  into a beloved multi-layered food culture.

'āina restaurant will continue to evolve as a story with depth and focus on Hawai’i and the Hawaiian culture as well as its unique ingredients and rich traditions.